Dmitry Tarasov has declassified the sex of the baby

Дмитрий Тарасов рассекретил пол будущего ребенка The home club of Dmitry Tarasov “the locomotive” has beaten “the Dynamo” and the third, crushing a goal, the player has devoted his pregnant wife. In the caption to the original photo, the athlete called the sex of the baby.

Moscow football club “Lokomotiv” 31-year-old Dmitry Tarasov and his wife, 24-year-old model Anastasia Kostenko will soon become parents. That the third wife of the athlete is pregnant, became known in late March – Anastasia published eloquent photos in his Instagram.

Ceasing to gloss over an interesting situation, Anastasia still did not reveal another secret: her to be born a boy or a girl?

The future Pope was silent too. However, in a recent interview confessed, when it is due.

“She should give birth in late July/early August. Then everything and say,” Havel reporters the player.

Anastasia actively your blog and take great pleasure in answering users ‘ questions. How many kilograms did she gain weight? How to take care of themselves? Does sports and eats?

Pregnant Anastasia Kostenko is suffering from the changes of the body

Tarasov, whose Instagram is mainly dedicated to professional activities, still could not resist and revealed the secret of pregnancy. The occasion was the victory of native club player “the locomotive” over “Dynamo”, the third a crushing goal was scored exactly Tarasov and dedicated it to his pregnant wife. After the ball was in the goal, in his victorious race around the stadium, Dmitry hid the ball under a Jersey – usually “represent” pregnant. But immediately after the match, published a photo with the caption, from which it follows that Tarasova and Kostenko a daughter. But at the same time congratulated his father’s birthday.

“Honey, waiting for you very! Dad, happy birthday, you’re always there for me, thank you,” wrote Dmitry Tarasov.