Nikolai Drozdov spoke about leaving animal planet

Николай Дроздов заговорил об уходе из «В мире животных» A popular program celebrates anniversary. Reporters contacted with Nikolai Drozdov, who told us about how he came to the program “world of animals” in 1975. A few years ago, the scientist has a partner – student Alexey Lapin.
Николай Дроздов заговорил об уходе из «В мире животных»

Animal planet celebrates the 50th anniversary. 17 April 1968, he published the first edition of the TV show. On the eve of important dates Nikolay Drozdov gave an interview in which he recalled how it all began, told about the adventures on the set and his 15-year-old partner Alexis Lapino. A young man helps a scientist to lead the program on the channel “Carousel” where she goes in 2016.

Nicholas remembered that the debut of Alexei in the program “world of animals” took place when he was five years old. Lapin was a guest of the TV show. Drozdov happy with my partner.

“Now Alex has grown as tall as me, independently opens and closes the program, is a separate conversation, takes stories. Reliable person, Executive, thoughtful, hardworking. He’s not going anywhere because the TV profession in their family, on the transfer of work his mom and dad. He knows that the work lead is work, sometimes hard and tedious. He is ready to become a good leading”, – said the scientist.
Николай Дроздов заговорил об уходе из «В мире животных»

When Drozdov tried to find a co-host among peers, but his attempts were not crowned with success. Nicholas noted that the production of the program – serious work. Alexei’s great to cope with the responsibilities entrusted to it by the producers. April 19 will be broadcast anniversary edition “world of animals” with Drozdov and lapinin. To the question about whether or not he plans in the future to make the young man his successor, Nicholas replied in the affirmative.

“So I congratulate you on the new host. Children’s Studio program — it’s just not even my type. Now one of the five programs makes Alex one. I have to watch it from the side. I kept on this duty. Alexander Mikhailovich created this show, and it would be wrong and even a sin if the program will be ruined,” said the presenter.

Drozdov added that he wants to keep the program and to fulfill the duty to her Creator. The founder is the people’s artist of the USSR and directed by Aleksandr Zguridi. He was the first host of the show. Nikolai Drozdov joined the shooting team only in 1975.

“Alexander Zguridi decided to leave the program to work on the feature film “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi”, starring Alexei Batalov and Margarita Terekhova. He invited me on an expedition assistant, and leading asked for two months to be a famous journalist, writer and environmentalist, winner of the Lenin prize Vasiliy Mikhailovich Peskov,” – says the TV star.

As a result a couple of months dragged on for much longer, and Zguridi fully immersed in filmmaking. Since 1977, thrushes and Sand began to program at a time. “And it was, I think, “silver age” of our program,” shared Nicholas with TASS.