Никки Белла поделилась почему до сих пор не носит обручальное кольцо!

A few weeks later after the former American professional wrestler (professional wrestler) Nikki Bella announced that he and Artem Usov Chigvintsev got married, didn’t see her with a wedding ring, and found that it has a really good reason.
Don’t think that will trouble in Paradise for Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev. Although the 36-year-old participant of the reality show “Total Divas” beginning in 2020, showing that she and 37-year-old Artem was engaged, Nikki was spotted without his wedding ring. Not that she didn’t like a giant diamond, which gave her the partner of “Dancing with the stars”. On the contrary. “I love your ring. That’s why I long to have a jeweler set it dimensions and fixed something, I want to start wearing it,” said Nicky during the 16th episode of “Bellas”. So, as soon as she gets it from her jeweler, expect that she’ll show her ring as soon as I get a chance.

Никки Белла поделилась почему до сих пор не носит обручальное кольцо!
During filming, he and Nikki talked about the upcoming wedding. Although Nikki has shared this news in early January, she actually said “Yes” to Artem in November. “Was it difficult to choose the ring? Yes, it was difficult. You know, for various reasons, — said Artem. “One of the reasons that Nicole loves, you know, big expensive things, like many women. And, man, you want to try to give what, in your opinion, she deserves”.
“When I realized that I wanted to make an offer? I can’t remember the specific day, added Tom, but I remember that feeling that “I just can’t imagine myself living without Nicole.” So this is partly because I love her and just feel that it was … the perfect solution. Because I’ll be honest — I just don’t see how I Wake up and that she’s not around”.
The pair also admitted that in the near future is not going to run to the altar because they want to “enjoy the engagement” and make sure that they chose the “special day” perfect for both of them.

The family Nikki “so happy for her,” shared one source after came the news of the engagement. “They absolutely love Artem, and he’s so close with her entire family. He’s just the kindest, most warm guy and cares about her. … Engagement has not become a huge shock to the family because they could see how happy Nikki, and she wants to have kids with him, so when she got older, they knew that this would happen.”
Previously Nicky was engaged to 42-year-old Ryback. Their relationship was close prior to the conclusion of marriage, when they ceased its engagement in 2018. At the moment John is very happy that she found someone so amazing who treats her well,” shared the insider.

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