Мэттью Перри начал серьезные отношения с 28-летней девушкой

Мэттью Перри начал серьезные отношения с 28-летней девушкой

As reported by the Western media, the star of the 90s Matthew Perry is finally beloved. It was the 28-year-old Molly Hervitz, which is also associated with the film industry. The girl involved in casting for films and looking for talent for various entertainment shows. For the first time a couple noticed at the end of December 2019, they dined in a restaurant located in West Hollywood. However, journalists failed to identify the person next to Matthew.

The insider, who is close to Molly is told that she is in a romantic relationship with Perry not for fame and money, but she loves attention from journalists. She began to feel more important and popular. The insider also added that the previous novels Herwitz was with Hollywood celebrities, but her name began to appear in the tabloids after meeting with Matthew. The journalists also managed to find out that the novel of this pair to last for several months. She celebrated the Christmas holidays in a circle of mutual friends.

Мэттью Перри начал серьезные отношения с 28-летней девушкой

It is worth noting that Perry rarely appears in public, and especially in the company of the opposite sex. The last official relations to the actor ended in 2012 when he ended the relationship with Lizzy Caplan. Previously, he was a year in a relationship with Julia Roberts. Fans for a long time attributed to him a secret relationship with a colleague on the series “Friends” Courteney Cox, however, their love remained only in the plot of the sitcom.

Apparently, Perry all those years was simply not up to serious relationships. After all, the actor had struggled with issues of personal health, which arose on the background of constant dependence on alcohol and illicit drugs. Matthew never hid it and always talked about their struggle in an interview. The first 28-day rehabilitation occurred during the filming of another season of “Friends.” Then the actor got hooked on strong painkillers Vicodin, he later admitted that he used it to suppress the desire to drink alcohol. In 2001, he re-started treatment for addiction amphetamine, vicodin and other pills. Repeated course he passed in 2015 California. And two years ago doctors diagnosed Perry terrible disease perforation of the gastrointestinal tract. Disease suggests that all the contents of the intestine periodically enters the abdominal cavity. To avoid contamination of the body and as a consequence death, the doctors had to do a surgery.

To get rid of Perry of dependence is unknown, comments from the actor long gone. Fans sincerely hope that all will be well.

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