Nikita Tarasov first showed daughter

Никита Тарасов впервые показал дочку
The popular actor became an exemplary father.

Nikita Tarasov daughter Taisiya

Photo: facebook

Star of TV series “Kitchen” and “Cool crew” Nikita
Tarasov first showed a picture of her 3-month-old daughter and has declassified its name.
The girl, which the actor, using the wonderful Sunny weather in Moscow
walking on the Patriarchal ponds, called the beautiful name of Taisiya.

By the way, last year Nikita long concealed from
fans that his wife Marina is pregnant. Wedding Tarasova in
August also took place in total secrecy. That actor tied
the knot with his chosen, became known only after the fact. “I don’t
of those people who your wedding party will get all the secular journalists. I think
important as not to stick out that part of life which is not related to public
activities”, — said Tarasov in an interview. Later, Nikita still shared some
details. It turned out that right from filming “the wild crew” where
the script “gave birth” his partner, actress Yana Kraynova, he went to the hospital:
there he helped his beloved wife to give birth actually.

According to Tarasov, the process of giving birth
didn’t find it challenging, and even fun. “Childbirth is a very
funny, he says. It was such a fun day, about which you can write
script of short films. When Marina went into labor,
we with our wonderful doctor sat in the family room, laughing.
We were fairy stories from early in the morning, at this time, the Marina
walk like a penguin”.