Рита Дакота и Влад Соколовский обживаются в роскошном доме The couple moved to new country cottage. Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky decided to settle away from the noisy metropolis. Soon, however, after the repair, the musicians, together with her little daughter MIA is located in a luxury apartment in the center of Moscow.

Recently musicians Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky said that changed place of residence. After returning from Bali, where you regularly go to rest. They informed the followers that have now found a suitable house in the country. Now artists together with her little daughter MIA settled in the suburbs. They chose a beautiful home where she will be able to play in the fresh air.

“Hey, friends, we moved. Now we live in a cozy house in a couple of kilometers from the MKAD, with a huge outdoor area with pool and a veranda near the lake. Only with the advent of the family, my inner militant a resident of the metropolis, shut up and lost family BBQ lover and baths. Well or stupidly lost my husband, too true,” wrote Rita in the microblog.

However, fans could not understand, bought the couple a new home. In January, they told me that moved to my parents Sokolowski. The musicians were happy to be together with the family, and the grandparents enjoyed watching her granddaughter if mom and dad had to run an errand. As it turned out, Rita and Vlad was not very convenient to go downtown from the suburbs.

“Dakota and Sokolowski moved into a new house, but not in your. They shoot until their apartment is being renovated. How many survive is not clear. Moved out from my parents because it was very far to go”, – said the representative of the artists Elena.

Spouses had to make repairs in the house of Vlad’s parents when they decided to settle with them. The musicians themselves thought through design, focusing on their own ideas about design. Now they equip their own homes and I hope soon again to move. For the sake of the daughter of Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota moved in with her parents

“In the spring will start repair in our five-room apartment in the center of Moscow, we have recently bought. That’s where we turn around: hire a designer, something from home furnishings to buy in Bali – love to go there. When talking to friends that have moved out of town, everybody seems to think that we’ve got an estate and a mansion. No, it’s not that we are simple children and live in a normal house,” – said Rita “StarHit”.