Anna Peskova conquered the mountain top

Анна Пескова покорила горную вершину
The actress has closed the ski season

Анна Пескова покорила горную вершину

Anna Peskova traditionally, once a year goes to Sochi to
skiing. No overseas ski resorts and not
could substitute for an actress Krasnaya Polyana. And if all
previous years Anna was down on almost all tracks, this time
climbed the high Stone pillar, with a height of 2509 meters. And
this is despite the fact that with the weather she was lucky.

“This time we went to
Sochi is only 4 days, three of which planned to hold on the slope. But
unfortunately, we are not lucky with the weather, and two days a Lil strong
rain. When the sky cleared, it became clear that the route is not quite
suitable for skating,” says the actress. To take from
last day of max, Anna Peskova went to a Stone pillar —
the mountain, which he knew quite well but was not yet on its top

“I can’t be called a fan of extreme sports, I’m all for everything
approach thoroughly. So, seeing in what state was
route after several days of heavy rains, I went to the
which is well known, — said Peskov. But to add a little emotion went a bit
higher than did usual. And even though I spent up on the slopes, only
half a day, they were very busy and bright”.