Nikita Efremov went to work in new image

Никита Ефермов вышел на работу в новом имидже
The actor has changed beyond recognition.

Nikita Efremov

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Actor Nikita Efremov appeared on the season in his home theater “Contemporary” (recall that it is now sixty years of closely related three-generation acting dynasty of Ephraim) in the new image. Now 28-year-old actor wears a thick moustache (older people call these “a La Budyonny”).

The appearance in the way a young actor of such remarkable “accessory” has not gone unnoticed among his colleagues Nikita in the theater, and all the actors of the troupe mustache Nikita praised.

As told to Nikita, mustache he had grown, not following the fashion (beards and mustaches are now very on trend), and to work in new roles: Efremov removed in such a luxurious mustache.