Никита Джигурда тяжело переживает развод

17 Mar shocking actor Nikita Dzhigurda officially became a free man. One of the capital ships, much to the shock of a celebrity, put an end to their marriage with Marina Anisina those. The chair did not expect such a blow of fate, and the Russian Themis. After the meeting, he stopped answering calls and disappeared from radar. Press and fans waiting to review artist on the changes in his personal life, began to worry that he was burning went to the DNR or something done.

A friend of actor antonín Savrasov-Abramova opened all the cards. As it turned out, Nikita closed the house, and going through a difficult divorce.
“Understand, he’s had it rough, he is very poor and is in a depression. To communicate with anyone he wants, and therefore does not communicate” — said Savrasov-Abramov. Despite the fact that she asked fans not to worry, she was seriously disturbed. According to her, Nikita, divorce blames himself and even dropped into the conversation the phrase “I wish I were dead”.
Plus, upset the Army and the recent misunderstanding with the DNI. Before he could boast of all the new citizenship and to declare that will go to Eurovision from the Donetsk people’s Republic, as it is formally deprived of citizenship.
“At the head of Nikita fell down, one problem after another, and he’s not used to losing” said Antonina.
As it became known that Marina Anisina got in touch with Nikita on the eve of divorce proceedings. He begged her to stop and not destroy their marriage, but she was adamant and said that there is no going back.