Андрей Разин женит сына

Life and death go hand in hand. A former producer and member of the “Tender may” Andrei Razin, who just two weeks ago lost a young son of Alexander, learned that his eldest son Ilya was going to marry.

32-year-old man working as a stylist in Saint-Petersburg and has her own Studio in Sochi. Despite the fact that for many years he lived separated from his father, Andrew they have warm relations. Also Elijah was close with his younger brother who died suddenly from a severe heart defect.
With his beloved Elisabeth Elijah is found for a long time, and last year made her an offer of marriage. Wedding lovers have been appointed in the summer of 2017, even knowing that the family will face with such grief. But even so, the wedding the bride and groom to delay not going.
Civil husband Andrey Natalia Gronowska told reporters that he and Andrew hope for the imminent appearance of grandchildren that would help them cope with grief.
Recall that the probable cause of death of sixteen Alexander was the incorrect routine and prolonged lack of sleep (as is often the case in modern adolescents) who stepped up and held asymptomatic disease.