Анна Калашникова выходит замуж

Ex-fiancée of Prokhor Chaliapin Anna Kalashnikova getting married. Girl does not hide the changes in his personal life and said that once again happy, and loved. On the show Galiya Akhmatova, the model took to the runway in a wedding dress, and it turned out that it was very symbolic.

As she told the Kalashnikov, what Gaul she entrusted her wedding dress, when last year was going to marry Prokhor Chaliapin. Then choosing a dress, Anna looked at the sketches, trying only to guess how the outfits will look like live. During the show, she had the opportunity to appreciate a dress that was supposed to be her wedding day, which never came to be.
However, Kalashnikov was not discouraged, because in her life again should be a big change. Young man model was in the audience, however, behaved quietly, without attracting attention. Anna does not mention his name because he does not want publicity.
“I assure you, we are fine, I’m happy. Choose a date to officially become husband and wife” Anna said to journalists. Kalashnikov spit on superstition, according to which the groom should not see his future wife in her wedding dress. In the same outfit that the model showed on the runway, she would marry her beloved.
Recall that the wedding of Anna and Prochorus was to be held on may 24 last year, the lovers even rehearsed it, but when the DNA results showed that Chaliapin is not the father of the son of fashion models, shocked the artist canceled the celebration.