Mel Gibson is secretly helping the victims of the Holocaust

Мел Гибсон тайно помогает жертвам Холокоста

Celebrities can be divided into three categories: those who are not engaged in charity, those who do charity work and talk about it a lot, and those who do charity work, but doing it in secret.

Mel Gibson can be attributed to the third category. It turns out that the actor and Director, which about ten years was to shake hands with a person in Hollywood, trying to help people who needed it. Mel dealt with the victims of the Holocaust.

The founder of the Fund for the Survivor Mitzvah Project with Zane, Busby in an interview with reporters said that Holocaust survivors in need of urgent assistance. “They are vital food, medical care, shelter and human warmth and our task is to give them hope and our friendship,”she said.

Person able to provide such assistance as time was Gibson. According to Zane, the actor is repeatedly transferred money on the account of the organization and also spoke personally with those in need, learning about what they need and how it could help: “Mel has been repeatedly in our office, where studied in detail our activities. He also helped find other sponsors. He doesn’t like to talk publicly about the charity, preferring to just do what he wants”.

At the end of his interview, Busby noted that for many victims of the Holocaust, Gibson was a life preserver. He gave people hope for a brighter future, helped them come to terms with frightening memories.