Michael Caine said that his days are numbered

Майкл Кейн заявил, что его дни сочтены

British actor Michael Caine aka Maurice Joseph Miclat (the real name of the actor) sadly admitted to reporters that his days come to an end, and he really, really doesn’t like.

Майкл Кейн заявил, что его дни сочтены
“My days are numbered, and this is my main problem,” — said Michael told reporters.
In his 84 years he is the oldest actor cinema 163й the film “beautifully to Leave” (“Going In Style”) in a few weeks will be released in the UK. Michael tries to lead a healthy lifestyle, excluded from the diet sugar, salt, gluten products, and over the past few months dropped fourteen pounds. Kane fears that it might be cancer and he will not see his grandchildren grow up, the eldest of whom was barely seven years old. Michael repeatedly said that he wants to live up to his seventeenth birthday.

“You know, I’m watching my health to see my grandchildren grow up. They’re twins, six years and a boy of seven years. I want to live up to his seventeen years” — said Michael.
In a recent interview, Kane admitted that a long time smoked a pack of cigarettes and drank a bottle of liquor a day. He stopped because Council colleagues Tony Curtis, who warned him that with this lifestyle it will not last long.