Никита Джигурда боится за свою жизнь

Big money is not only very good but also damn dangerous. Scandalous Russian actor Nikita Dzhigurda and his wife Marina Anisina with the light hand of a judge of the court Kutuzovsky become richer by hundreds of millions of rubles, inherited from their godmother Ludmila Bratash, however, will these them money and happiness?

Nikita told reporters that after winning the court case he began to receive threats. Unidentified people have told him that soon kill him. It can be anything – poisoning, accident or drowning, anything.
Opportunity Dzhigurda told the audience that he is not going in any case to complete suicide, and threats are growing legs, of course, from sister Ludmila Bratash Svetlana Romanova. The latter is sure that Nikita has stolen the letterhead and forged the will.
By a strange coincidence of circumstances, biznesvumen not a penny left his sister, and at the same time, bequeathed his entire fortune to the godfather. Bratash, who was very careful with the documents, wrote his will on the letterhead of the company and without the presence of notaries, as it should be. The authenticity of wills doubt not only Romanov, but Antonina Savrasov, former Director of the artist, but the court found Dzhigurda and Anisina heirs.
Recall that Nikita has already suffered because of the scandal: because of the constant slander and scandals, he suffered a minor stroke.