Беременная Серена Уильямс полностью обнажилась для обложки американского глянца

Another pregnant celebrity naked for the cover of Vanity Fair. The best racket of the world Serena Williams is wearing under the heart of his first-born, was captured Ann Leibovitz for the famous gloss.
New issue of the publication was devoted to the relationship of the Olympic champion and her fiancé Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of the Internet portal Reddit. 32-year-old athlete and 34-year-old met at a party, devoted to the Championship of Australia on tennis, and since then never parted.

The news that she is expecting a baby, was a surprise for Serena. She didn’t know why the game does not work, everything goes wrong. Williams noticed that she grew Breasts, and overall health deteriorated. About it all she told her friend Jessica, and the friend advised her to do a pregnancy test. First Serena laughed at the suggestion of a girlfriend, but Jessica herself brought from the pharmacy test, and said to Serena:
“I bought you this test for two reasons: the first is to prove to you that you’re wrong, and second because it’s just fun, just take it as a joke,” said Jessica, after a few minutes Serena was not amused. To make sure that it’s not a dream, she did another five tests, and all of them sent her lover in a cardboard box, as they say, is a thousand words. Needless to say that the surprise was a success – this child will be the long-awaited firstborn, and for Williams to Ohanian.
According to the calculations of journalists, the tennis player is now in the seventh month of pregnancy. Maternity leave, says Serena will be short-lived, and in January she plans to return to tennis.
“My story’s not over,” said Serena.