Никита Джигурда нарушил молчание после развода Showman, some days not expressed on the subject of separation from a famous figure skater, released an official statement in which it explained its attitude to the current situation. Nikita Dzhigurda swore in love ex-wife and blamed Antonina Savrasovu-Abramov a lie.

      Никита Джигурда нарушил молчание после развода

      March 17 was terminated by the marriage of Marina Anisina and Nikita Dzhigurda. Early in the morning, the athlete surprised the public, saying that her ex-lover became a victim of hackers. Many decided that the appeal Anisina – an allusion to the reunification of celebrities, but it never happened. Star officially divorced. Later it turned out that they had an agreement under which the army had to appear in court. In this case Anisina gave him another chance. However, the man was unable to attend the meeting.

      Marina Anisina have decided not to divorce with Nikita Dzhigurda

      The evening of the same day, Antonina Savrasov-Abramov, presented by Director Nikita Dzhigurda, told reporters that Marina Anisina have not forgiven showman. Moreover, the woman claimed that microblogging athletes hacked. After some time the skater has denied claims by Savrasova-Abramova.

      Nikita Dzhigurda few days has not commented on the situation. Recently, however, the showman broke the silence and made an official statement, spreading all the dots over “i”. The actor, who was busy filming in America, scandal friend and accused her of lying.

      “Antonina Savrasov-Abramova – poor childless woman. I have long forbidden her to introduce myself and my Director, and press Secretary were not allowed to negotiate on my behalf wherever it is… Alas, she’s not listening to me, nor Anisina! Antonina Savrasov brazenly continues to gossip and intrigue, not realizing that his false statements criminal itself is digging its own hole…” said Dzhigurda.

      According to the showman, Antonina demanded money from him for participating in the filming of the show “live” lawyer Janis Ucsi. But the requirements of Savrasova-Abramova, according to the artist, not ended. “She asked that I put a condition channels, so she paid more for shooting the programs of the Chair, repeatedly (and not only me) said that Romanov offers her a large sum for dirt on me, came up with some left my duty,” said the star.

      Nikita Dzhigurda also said that Antonina Savrasov-Abramov came up with the story with the fake last will and Testament of the deceased businesswoman Ludmila Bratash. According to the showman, the woman struck that idea after she witnessed his conversation with the figure skater, held in August last year.

      “Vaguely heard our conversation with Marina about what I wrote on it and our children will, Antonina began to spread dirty lies. She claimed that (supposedly) hear my phone conversation with Anisina those, where I confess that he made a will Bratash. Complete nonsense unhappy woman!” – angry Nikita.

      Showman also mentioned about other stories, invented by his friend. According to the artist, Antonina was lying to him about the lovers Marina. In addition, the woman claimed that the driver of the Eugene allegedly threw the actor a banned substance. While Savrasov-Abramov continued to deceive the Army and swore allegiance to him. “She lies shamelessly,” – says Nikita.

      At the end of his statement, the star of show business noted that his ex-wife is different real gentleman. The artist intends to defame the reputation of the Marina Anisina those.

      “I’m glad that my favorite Anis finally realized that her basely deceived least talking about the tall tales and dirty lies aimed to hurt us… I’m happy that Marina realized 100% that against her and was thrown into the media and each other, compromising the lies associated with the struggle for the inheritance Bratash, was ready to pick up your suit for divorce!” – also said man.

      According to Dzhigurda, Nikita is not worthy of the man who starred in the films of an erotic nature. “Alas, in the eyes of society this is not consistent with the Holy virgin for me… Which is still my married (to heaven) a woman and wife,” concluded the chair.

      Никита Джигурда нарушил молчание после развода