Илья Глинников поскандалил с выбывшей участницей «Холостяка» The actor brought the girl and she revealed details of a reality show on the social network. Tatiana Chelysheva admitted that Ilya Glinnikov behaved inappropriately during the filming of the project.

      Fans of the TV show “the Bachelor” looking forward to the release of each new episode. This season girls are fighting for the heart of Elijah Glinnikov. The actor, remembered by the audience for the TV series “Interns”, shares his impressions of the filming and the emotions in his microblog. However, it was found that not all participants were satisfied with the way the process. Tatiana Chelysheva, who previously worked as a producer on other projects, decided to tempt fate.

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      According to the girl, she knew that during filming it was difficult but the bachelor’s fifth season, she wondered, and she decided to try. Tatiana admitted the social network that Ilya acted inappropriately during the recording of the series.

      “I don’t hide that you’re the first time I liked it, I was full of illusions that we – the people of the same “shop”, and maybe it’s a sign… Yes, me “there” was, but you’re so fed up with all my, and, by the way, your colleagues who worked on the project. For the first time in the history of “the Bachelor,” nobody wants to be silent about you girl ruffled the collar of the woman who worked there, like you were racing a gas gun for an Executive producer, how you disrupted filming and ugly yelled,” Chelysheva applied to Glinnikov.

      Previously the producer share with the followers that took part in the project as an adventure. Ilya learned of the provocative posts and Tatiana were met in front of the fans for his behavior. Glinnikov explained how in fact the situation.

      “She’s the only one of the girls who got none, begged to stay and called me in the States to produce, but I don’t need a producer,” said Glinnikov.

      However, Chelysheva still can not calm down after the shock from the shooting and trying to prove to the audience that everything happening on the screen – successfully assembled tale. The scandal was also joined by her sister and mother Victoria, which Glinnikov leave angry comments.

      The majority of fans don’t listen to these negative reviews. They are happy that the star of “Interns” communicates with them as equals in social networks. Users ask it about emotions and elicit some details about the Bachelor.

      “The scenario of Dating I wrote together with creative group, everything should be fair. This time it will be fair, only on these conditions I agreed to participate, and when played honestly, all the secret becomes clear,” explained Ilya.