Костенко сэкономила на платье для вечеринки Тарасова Netizens have found out the cost of the outfit of the model. In the opinion of the subscribers of the communities dedicated to Anastasia Kostenko, she ordered the thing in one of Internet shops. Tired of the questions, the choice of the player personally named brand.

      Костенко сэкономила на платье для вечеринки Тарасова

      This weekend Dmitry Tarasov celebrated his anniversary. At the celebration in honor of the thirtieth anniversary of the football player gathered all relatives and friends. Besides, for the first time an athlete came to a loud party with his girlfriend, model Anastasia Kostenko. Previously, the couple tried not to advertise the relationship, as the winner of the beauty contest accuse that she broke up the marriage of Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova.

      Dmitry Tarasov celebrated the birthday with a new girl

      Anastasia was chosen for the joint publication of a slinky black dress with open back, decorated with white lace. The outfit emphasized slender figure of the girl. The image does not look boring, the model is diluted by its large earrings and silver stiletto heels. Social media users decided to find out where the striking brunette has acquired the thing.

      Костенко сэкономила на платье для вечеринки Тарасова

      It turned out that the dress this model is sold in several online stores, and its price varies from three to five thousand rubles. It really surprised many followers of communities dedicated to “Miss world”. Act Kostenko caused active discussions in social networks. Some decided that the chosen one is not able to allocate her money for a branded outfit. Anastasia admits that bought a cheap dress. In his microblog she placed a screen page of the store.

      “I think it was specially made. Type everybody, I don’t need his money”, “it’s not about the price, and the lack of taste. Initially, when nobody knew about the price, this dress is rejected!”, “Earrings even more desenat image. Without them and the dress would not have seemed so cheap” “Tarasov said, clothes don’t buy anything, everything in the house go”, – wrote the user.

      Recall that the appearance of Anastasia’s birthday party was not left without attention. During the execution of one of the songs Hannah brought a girl on stage and took her hand. Such a gesture familiar actress caused outrage Olga Buzova. The presenter felt that her friend betrayed her. “What you were selling. God forbid you be in my place… Shame on you. I thought you were different,” wrote the reality star. Hannah about the conflict with Buzova: “I don’t understand why all this window dressing”