Joseph Prigozhin about his son’s affair with Adelina Sotnikova: “They make a lovely couple”

Иосиф Пригожин о романе сына с Аделиной Сотниковой: «Они красивая пара» The producer said that actually connects Artemy Shulgin with a famous figure skater. Not so long ago the heir of Valerie appeared at a social event with the Olympic champion, thereby causing a lot of issues with the public.

      Иосиф Пригожин о романе сына с Аделиной Сотниковой: «Они красивая пара»

      Olympic champion who has recently broke up with TV presenter Alexander Molochko, came out with a new Beau. At the premiere of “Love pret-a-Porte” 20-year-old skater appeared on the arm of 22-year-old son of Valerie by Artemy Shulgin. The guys smiled, hugged and posed together for photographers, which caused a wave of rumors about a possible affair. The young people themselves did not give comments, preferring only to smile at the audience and warm to communicate with. “StarHit” contacted Joseph Prigogine, to find out what really lies behind these relations.

      “Adeline of the three long time friends, told the “StarHit” Joseph Prigozhin. Is not their first joint trip to the movies, but to talk about the affair yet. Although Adelina we love. And the Theme look good. The Real Hercules. Beautiful pair would work”.
      Иосиф Пригожин о романе сына с Аделиной Сотниковой: «Они красивая пара»

      Apparently, Artemy and Adelina really warm to communicate, but don’t consider each other as partners in life. However, it is possible that the friendship of young people will grow into something more, as is often the case.

      We will remind, the scandalous breakup with TV presenter Milk Sotnikova went through a rather painful – the girl was recognized that it would be hard to believe in the future man, and the incident has certainly impacted her self-esteem. However, soon the girl returned to life, about the past trying not to remember. Meanwhile, a former lover of the famed skater does not lose hope ever again to earn her heart. Alexander Molochko sure they with Adelina parted ways only to converge in the future.

      Ex-lover Adelina Sotnikova of betrayal: “It was a casual relationship”

      “Was novel, but unfortunately, it came to an end. Now my heart belongs to another girl. I think we all know who. I hope Adeline knows it too. We have it still ahead, I’m not just talking about it. It was probably a relationship that will be very hard to forget and survive. And maybe they will continue,” shared leading.