Nikita Djigurda was a lover of his godfathers

Никита Джигурла был любовником своей кумы

It would seem that Nikita Dzhigurda is nothing to surprise us, but pop up some details of the personal life of the artist, which explains a lot. For example, the appearance of a huge inheritance and subsequent divorce brawler with his wife, skater Marina Anisina those.

As it turned out, Ludmila Bratash, a businesswoman who left a huge fortune Dzhigurda and Anisina those and died under mysterious circumstances, was not only a close friend of the family, but mistress Nikita during the last six years. Moreover, wanted to divorce skater, and married her.
“I was her beloved man. She even wanted to marry me. And six years ago, has issued in the United States will with me, and Anisina..” — said Nikita, and added that after the death of Lyudmila with Marina they were threatened with physical violence and forced to give up the inheritance. Anisina allegedly refused and, fearing for the safety of the children, fled to France. He is still here and to leave a legacy not intended.
“I openly said, “Or you refuse the greater part of the inheritance, or you need to put 20 people”. Anisina signed a waiver. And I did not sign anything,” said Dzhigurda. Who is this mafia, terrorizing his family, Nikita did not specify, but it is now becoming clear words of Marina that the reason for the divorce was the irresponsibility of both Dzhigurda father.