Olga Buzova is divorcing her husband because of the cottage

Ольга Бузова разводится с мужем из-за коттеджа

The solution of the housing problem, it would seem, should unite the family, but became a stumbling block and it may cause divorce Olga Buzova and her husband Dmitry Tarasov. Luxury cottage in the suburbs – the pride Olga were written to the mother of a football player.

As it turned out, after the first divorce Tarasov was forced to give the house his ex-wife, and didn’t want to and this time it happen again. Buzova is not only upset, but damn was angry – she wanted to live with Dmitri to a ripe old age and divorce did not think. Now think. The couple parted, and despite the fact that Olga keeps silence and says nothing, Tarasov indirectly confirmed that the case is nearing an end. From love to hate one step home.