Nikas Safronov revealed intimate facts about the affair with Ponarovskaya

Никас Сафронов раскрыл интимные факты о романе с Понаровской The artist is well acquainted with the singer. Journalists asked, whether communicated Nikas Safronov with a well-known entertainer, because she was able to seduce him. He remembered the details of their relationship.
Никас Сафронов раскрыл интимные факты о романе с Понаровской

Irina Ponarovskaya has recently surprised everyone with a new image. Fans didn’t recognize the woman in the frame of the well-known singer 80-90-ies. The artist spent several years abroad. She lived in Estonia. Ponarovskaya returned to St. Petersburg after her mother passed. Now she hosts at home and attends cultural events. Nikas Safronov was well acquainted with the star.

“Yes, Irina has changed. I did not recognize: we very long time no see. Time passes, people change – there is nothing supernatural,” – said the artist.

Safronov says, that he had a very warm relationship with Ponarovskaya. Initially, Nikas didn’t think about the affair with the singer, but always thought she was an amazing woman.

“Ira – dear people. Incredibly charming, beautiful, passionate woman. It is very interesting and smart, so sophisticated St. Petersburg aristocrat. Communication – soft, quiet. I was with her. Our relationship has been easy and positive: we met, broke out some light, which then escalated into a fire. Then she went to Peter. Honestly said, “Nikas, we’ll be friends, but the closeness should be set aside”. I took it calmly. I’m keen the man himself, lights up, cools, and like many people of creative professions” – said Safronov.

Irina Ponarovskaya has returned to Russia, radically changing the image

According to the artist, Irina managed to walk away without any problems. He admits that in those days he had many admirers. “No incidents between us never happened. We – the sane people, both passionate about their work. Was in my life a strong passion when the girls broke the door to my apartment or did not want to leave, and they had to divert power. I was young and good – falling in love with me. But with Irina it has nothing to do. We parted quietly, without scandals, friends. Moreover, at some point, even went to the famous photographer Valery Plotnikov in the Studio, he made a few professional photos: we wanted to keep them as a memory of our beautiful affair,” shared the artist in conversation with the correspondent “”.

Safronov believes that Ponarovskaya should not have to leave the stage because she had a special rod and artistka possessed undoubted talent.