Племянница покойной Людмилы Рюминой проговорилась о муже певицы Details the personal life of the singer became famous after her death. Lyudmila Ryumin, who was considered a single woman, were married. Spouse folk singer is the sole heir of her fortune.
Племянница покойной Людмилы Рюминой проговорилась о муже певицы

August 31 early in the morning it became known that there was a folk singer Ludmila Ryumina. The singer died after a long battle with cancer. Friends and colleagues mourn the Lyudmila Ryumina and think about who will inherit her millions, because neither husband nor children, the singer was not. Died singer Ludmila Ryumina

But as it turned out, this is only the official version in interviews voiced singer herself. She claimed to be married to my work. One of the contenders for the succession Ryumina considered her niece and godmother daughter Larissa, who works in the Moscow cultural folklore center, established singer.

But she made a truly sensational statement, saying in an interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!” of NTV, the only heir of Lyudmila Ryumina is her husband.

“She has a husband, but no children,’ said the girl. But it is better not to speak. It’s personal, if nobody knew, then it was necessary.”
Племянница покойной Людмилы Рюминой проговорилась о муже певицы

A friend of Lyudmila Ryumina Lena Lenina doubt it. The woman is sure, if Ryumina was a man, she would she told about him.

“Lyudmila was very expensive, unique pearl jewelry that we hope will not be lost. She loved sumptuous attire. Lyudmila was very strong, a successful businessman and died a wealthy man. And now it is unclear who will get it all” – going through Lena Lenina.

In addition to expensive jewelry, Lyudmila Ryumina two apartments in Moscow a total value of more than a hundred million rubles.

But relatives of the singer is confident the familiar Ryumina knew nothing about her husband just because the star no one wanted to share their later happiness. The family of the famous singer intends to work together to continue her business. “The theatre will live in any case, for the sake of it. What she did should live because people love it. All concert costumes Ludmila, think also stay here. They are so beautiful that, perhaps, is that people can see them. This art is pure,” says the niece and goddaughter Ryumina Larissa.