Николь Кидман шокировала экстравагантным признанием
The actress shocked her fans.

Nicole Kidman

Photo: Instagram

an interview with Nicole Kidman, which she gave to the edition W
Magazine, shocked and amazed the fans of the actress. Nicole
told the rim of his unknown until ability. As it turned out,
it can, if necessary, to chew and to swallow anything at all!

first movie I got when I was 14 years old. It was the film Bush Christmas, which was filmed
in Australia. At some point I was told that by the will of the writer, me
have to eat a handful of local butterfly larvae. Larvae were milky white
colors, they crawled on the ground and moved… But you know what, I didn’t even have to persuade
to do this. I wanted to try them, I was waiting for this eagerly!
I guess I could quite would Excel on some shows like “Last
hero.” But alas, I’m not too good at climbing trees, climbing on
rock and do other similar things. But if I offered to eat a live
cockroach, I’ll eat it without disgust. However, I would, perhaps,
spider … For me it would be only an adventure but I like adventures!” —
said Nicole, who was this month 50 years.

by the way, this year another, no less famous actress — Angelina Jolie — told the world that loves
there are insects. Moreover, during his visit to Cambodia, she even their
children fed fried tarantulas, showing them pre-how to remove
poisonous “fangs” insects to poison. And then advised all
to follow her example, adding, that to start she would still recommend not
spiders, and crickets. “Dried crickets for beer is just fine!” —
says Jolie. Note, however, that in her case, it is, after all, was not about
alive, and on past culinary processing of insects.