Джиган рассказал всю правду об Ольге Бузовой
The rapper revealed the secret of the presenter.

Djigan, Olga Orlova and Olga Buzova

Photo: Press service of TNT

On the set of the next edition of the show “Gossip girl” on TNT, the guest of which was djigan, Olga Buzova admitted that sports the songs popular rapper. What other recognition will be performed in the show and who the audience will see is Ksenia Borodina, find out Sunday at 23: 00 on TNT.

In the new edition of the show in the ranks of the merciless “gossip” top: Xenia Borodin, who is resting with family at sea will replace the resident of Comedy Club and the main “Muhic” TNT — Roman priests, from which “Gossip girl” will be even funnier.

And laugh something. After all, not everyone is able to unleash the true stars of show business. But in “Gossip girl,” everything is possible! So, father of many children dzhigan I’ll tell you why may Park for free across Russia, but cannot run under their own songs, Native Andrew finally reveals the whole truth about the popularity of the songs of Olga Buzova, and she leading, as usual, will surprise regular interesting details of his eventful life, what will make the voice laugh all the participants.