The son of Laughter Aliki graduated from high school with honors

Сын Алики Смеховой окончил школу с отличием
The actress shared details of the joyous event.

Сын Алики Смеховой окончил школу с отличием

Alika Smekhova sons and Artem Makarov

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Alika Smekhova got a worthy cause for pride. Her eldest
son — seventeen-year-old Artyom graduated from school with honors.

“Today the Director personally
our school — dear Galina Vladimirovna — solemnly handed over to Artem
gold medal and certificate — shared the actress. — I’m thankful to my son in 11
years of study, there were no problems and no tutor! To finish school
on straight — a great result! In a good way!”

By the way, not long ago, the actress admitted that she had a period
misunderstandings with your son for adolescence.

“I always know what my children live, with whom to communicate,
where you go, keep abreast of, said
in an interview with star magazine “7 days”. — The older, Artem, transition
age is a difficult period: he occasionally unhappy mother. And he doesn’t like
increased attention to his person. Grumbles at me, stopped being affectionate, as
before. He looked at me now not paying attention. I understand that it costs
transition age. I think everything will fall into place. Artem infinitely
listens to club music all the time with headphones. I have these “opuses” absolutely not
I understand, but realize that at this stage of his life, and suffer. He recently
decided to record my single, and I certainly supported him, organized Studio. To
they told me that my son has a beautiful cunt, and the song he
composed, could be a hit! So let him try… Children themselves have to choose
his way of life. Maybe he’ll choose a faculty of international Economics. And
maybe creative University…”

The son of Aliki Humorous, Artem, Director of the school

Photo: Instagram