Ольга Бузова получила награду на музыкальной премии
The young singer won the prize in the nomination “the Most fashionable song”.

Olga Buzova

Photo: Press service

Olga Buzova, who lost the nomination “Breakthrough of the year” award MUZ-TV Kazakh beat-boxer, all won awards on the music
award. In the framework of the annual award of the channel Fashion TV Russia “Fashion Summer Awards 2017”, held at the
the summer terrace of the Royal Bar, the aspiring singer won the prize in the nomination “the Most fashionable
the song” for the song “Little half”.

In addition to Olga attended the event and other bright
the representatives of show business: Philip Kirkorov, Alla Dukhova, Yekaterina Varnava, Anastasia Zadorin, Irina Dubtsova,
Leonid Rudenko, Alex Malinowski, Arsenium, Igor Chapurin, Edgar Shabanov,
Igor Gulyaev, Alexander Rumyantsev, Olga Buzova, S-Brothers-S, Constantine Andrikopulos, Safronov brothers, Daniel Velichko, Julia Dalakian, Shalahov Andrew,
Sergey Dergunov, Sergey Komarov, Bella Potemkina, Maria Loseva, Kristina Orsa
Sergei Zverev, and many others.

The winners are: “Best dance group” ballet “Todes”, he received the Artistic Director and chief choreographer of the ballet
Alla Dukhova; “Record of the year” — show “I” —Philip; “The
stylish album” — “you are loved” Ani Lorak; “the Most stylish singer” Arthur
Pies; “Young talent Fashion TV 2017” — Alexandria Lapteva; “Duet
of the year” — Irina Dubtsova and Leonid Rudenko; “Fashion actress” — Adelina Sharipova; “Mobile app of the year” is “Selfie Battle”, was awarded to Ekaterina Barnabas; “Fashion mother” — the Queen of Milan.

The ceremony was supported by his performances: Ballet Todes, Annie
Lorak, Arthur Pirozhkov, Alexandria Lapteva Irina Dubtsova and Leonid Rudenko,
Alex Malinowski, Eva Henry and Alar & Mark Project, Kravtsov, Arsenium, Sergey Zverev, Alisa Danelia.