Николь Кидман наконец-то воссоединилась с дочкой
Isabella introduced the mother with her husband.

Николь Кидман наконец-то воссоединилась с дочкой

Nicole Kidman

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Isabella Cruz and Max Parker’s wedding day

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recently visitors to one of the trendiest places in London witnessed
touching scenes – young extravagant lady with an older woman.
Upon closer inspection
guests of the restaurant have identified the star Nicole Kidman and her daughter Isabella
once she adopted with Tom cruise who was
husband of the actress. Both were obviously very happy to see each other And at some moment in front of Bella even had tears. Then
they hugged, and Nicole could not help also tears… And later to two
women joined young man — the husband of Bella. And all three began
a lively conversation. This story was told correspondent for Woman’s Day.

Nicole argued that both Isabella and her brother Connor permanent
contact, together, Kidman and her daughter had not seen for several years. Actually
put, they have almost ceased to see each other after Nicole and Tom divorced.
The fact that Cruz is from the beginning, raised their children in the spirit of its
religion — Scientology. And Kidman after the divorce was announced
consultants-Scientology cruise
“undesirable person”. So Connor and Bella left to live with his father. And after
he married again to Katie Holmes — they even started calling her “mom”.
So that was the impression that Nicole had lost their older children forever.

later events have started to develop a surprise to Cruz and his advisers
way. Last fall, Bella, who was already 23 years old, suddenly came
married. And her lover was not a Scientologist, as Tom wanted, and
a regular guy, a computer specialist Max Parker. They say Cruz was
very unhappy that his daughter disobeyed and chose a groom. But
Bella rebelled and insisted.

Nicole saw it as the hope for future changes. And, according to one
her female friends, since the beginning of this year, the actress started to take resistant
attempts to reestablish contact with her daughter. And now she finally succeeded!
Incidentally, Kidman loved husband of Bella, and she’s clearly impressed
Max favorable impression. And now the actress hopes that they will
to see more often — at least three.

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