Мечта стала явью: фанатам устроят тест-драйв бэтмобиля

Cars from the films of Tim Burton will have two days to stand in the capital’s shopping malls.

Few fans Bat Man has not dreamed at least for a moment to touch the world of this fantastic hero. Now fans have the chance.

Remember the legendary high-speed car, which was moving Batman in the 1989 film, and “Batman returns” in 1992? So, an exact copy arrived in Moscow!

A replica of the Batmobile were assembled in the USA and bought by the present owner in 2010 at the Houston Classic auction Weekend. The machine is assembled on the chassis from General Motors, Ford 460 BigBlock engine (550 horsepower) and reach speeds up to 250 kilometers per hour! The designers even managed to convey the roar of the engine, as in the movie, equip auto sports exhaust system. Access to the double cabin is possible thanks to a retractable roof. Warner recognized this Batmobile is one of the best in the world (there are 5 copies), giving the current owner a certificate. Now the owner of the car put it up for sale for 72 445 700 rubles! And the opportunity to buy the Batmobile is only for Russians.

And while wishing to become owners of the supercar are not lined up, the fans of Batman has all chances not only to look at his car, but to ride him.

On Saturday, August 27 to take a picture with the Batmobile will be in the shopping center “RIO” on Leninsky c 10:00 to 22:00, and Sunday August 28 AVENUE Mall on Vernadsky Avenue from 10:00 to 22:00.

Well, if you dream to sit behind the wheel of the dream machine, then subscribe to community @rio_leninskiy and @avenue_sw in instagram and wait for Thursday and Friday, information on how to sit in the passenger seat of the Batmobile and become part of the test drive.

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