Николь Кидман объяснила свои странные аплодисменты на «Оскаре»

The ceremony of “Oscar” is still remembered by fans of Nicole Kidman her strange behavior: first there was inappropriate kisses on the red carpet, then clumsy applause during the ceremony.

Applause Kidman have become a separate topic for discussion and turned into an Internet meme, and some are particularly worried about Nicole’s fans started looking for she had signs of the terrible diseases that would explain the actions of the actress.

To put an end to all the speculations, star cinema decided myself personally.

Broadcast on Australian radio KISS FM on Thursday, March 9, Nicole told why her hands resembled the flippers of a marine animal: “on my finger was a huge ring that didn’t belong to me. It was so beautiful, I was horrified at the thought that can damage it”, explained Kidman in the broadcast of Kyle & Jackie O.