Леди Гага перестала скрывать роман со своим агентом

The rumors were true. Lady Gaga finally and irrevocably broke up with Taylor Kinney, and had an affair with his agent Christian Carino.

Confirmation of the fact that the singer has a new novel were not “eyewitness accounts” and the photos that managed to make the paparazzi over the weekend.

Леди Гага перестала скрывать роман со своим агентом

Lady Gaga and Christian together attended a private party. The pair did not hesitate others, not hiding, hugging and kissing.

It should say that an affair karino is not a simple affair, and promising a long-term relationship. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the fact that Lady Gaga introduced the new darling of the star guests of the party where there were a large number of her friends and colleagues.

Earlier we told you that Lady Gaga has returned to ex-boyfriend the ring he gave her as a sign of love and fidelity in the engagement.

“She was very upset, returning the ring, but it should have been done a long time ago”, — said a PAL of the singer.