The giant APE from Skull island settled in Madame Tussauds

Гигантская обезьяна с острова Черепа поселилась в музее Мадам Тюссо

The premiere of the film “Kong. Skull island” has already taken place. This picture was expected by millions of fans, because on the big screen came back one of the most unusual and enigmatic characters in cinema. While some enjoy the film about the giant APE-like monster in the cinema, visitors to Madame Tussauds had the opportunity to meet him personally.

On 7 March at the London branch of the Museum opened an exhibit dedicated to the film.

Employees of the Museum, together with the Legendary Pictures and Warner BrothersPictures was created by a fragment of the film – the impenetrable jungles of Skull island.

Recreate the image of captain James Conrad (reproducing the shape of this Tom Hiddleston), as well as a copy of the animatronic head of a giant monkey.

The realism of this figure astounds even seasoned viewers: the head is “stuffed with” super-sensitive touch sensors that responds to any approaching visitors of the Museum. It “knows” how to roar, breathe, etc. Its height is 5.5 meters in height. You can imagine such a thing?…

In addition, for even greater authenticity and a state of immersion in the atmosphere of the film, the exhibition added a huge fossilized spiders and other artifacts.