The band Ozzy Osbourne Black Sabbath announced the collapse of

Группа Оззи Осборна Black Sabbath заявила о распаде

British band Black Sabbath, founded by Ozzy Osbourne, terminates its activities after nearly fifty years of existence. The last concert the band played in February. During a speech in Birmingham at Genting Arena stage, the guitarist said that “it’s time to stop going around the world and to spend a little time at home.”

Группа Оззи Осборна Black Sabbath заявила о распаде
It is noteworthy that himself, Ozzy, used to shock the audience with extraordinary actions, is not going to end his career.
“I will continue my own musical journey. I’m not ready to retire,” said Ozzie.

Over the decades of existence of the group Black Sabbath musicians from a distance of over 70 million records. Colleagues from the Rolling Stone once called them “the Beatles of heavy metal”, and the musicians with their creativity gave birth to this musical direction and inspired the creation of groups Motorhead, Iron Maiden and System Of A Down.