Николас Кейдж нашел новую подругу после разрыва с женой The actor is divorcing his wife because Alice cheated on him. For a long time a couple is not seen together at social events. The woman also stopped to accompany her husband on the set. Nicolas cage is briefly worried – he’s already got himself a new girlfriend.

      Николас Кейдж нашел новую подругу после разрыва с женой

      About the collapse of his third marriage, cage press learned on June 24. And in the evening of the same day visitors to the Japanese restaurant Asanebo in Las Vegas could gaze in wonder 52-year-old actor on a date with an unidentified Oriental lady in kimono. That’s a date, could be no doubt that Nicholas and then hugged and kissed his companion, lips which never left a satisfied smile. The next day, the couple visited the shows of the comedian carrot Top at one of the entertainment centers Vegas. Judging by the fact that a friend of Nicholas the second consecutive day sported in the same kimono, the night she spent at home. The actor was cheerful, happy and not like a man who has a divorce. If someone dared to accuse him of levity, Nicholas could answer, he only follows the example of his wife, who did not wait for the divorce to re-arrange a personal life.

      Николас Кейдж нашел новую подругу после разрыва с женой


      Immediately after the announcement of the breakup in some publications have appeared that the marriage fell apart because of infidelity the 32-year-old Alice Kim. Wife of cage has long ceased to accompany her husband on shooting, preferring exotic locations family house in the town of Summerlee, located a half hour drive from Las Vegas. A few years ago, Nicholas moved with his family to shake legs with the ashes of “abnormal”, he said, Hollywood life and feel like a normal person. But ordinary people do not carry to their work the whole family, and Nicholas seemed logical that Alice stays at home to look after tied to 10-year-old son Kal-El.

      In may at the Cannes film festival a friend told the actor that, as travel in Summerlee, met on the street Mrs. cage with another man. “She does not hide her date, told neighbors of the family. – The guy all the time revolves around Elise when her husband is on business trips. Someone even saw them kissing”.

      On this, the press service of the actor said that the couple did not live together since January, so Alice shall have the right to spend time with anyone. Maybe Nicholas just did not want to admit that he pulled a beautiful branching horns, while his friends tend to think that’s true. According to them, winter and spring Nicholas acted more countries – but than usual, as if venting some personal feelings. For example, in April he got into a fight in Las Vegas with the leader of the band Motley Crue Vince Neil. Vince dragged from Nicolas annoying hunter of autographs, and Nicholas suddenly rushed to protect her and almost strangled honored rocker.

      A little later there was a rumor that the actor refused to continue filming “Fury of the South”, until the site does not cleanse from evil spirits. As to play tricks cage began before he opened his eyes on his wife’s behavior, we can assume that he was aware of and without the Cannes gossip. However, even if Alice did break the family, she also has arguments in its defense.

      Николас Кейдж нашел новую подругу после разрыва с женой

      A free woman of the East
      Nicholas met a Korean girl Alice Kim in the spring of 2004 in the Los Angeles club Le Prive. She worked there as a waitress: Oriental woman a new formation, Alice wanted to make, instead of hanging on the neck of wealthy parents waiting for my husband.

      Nicholas found it all delightful. After two marriages with representatives of show business Patricia Arquette and Lisa-Marie Presley, the actor desperately longed for a relationship easier. Alice was perfect 20 years younger, good-looking, not spoiled by artistic temperament and, most important, brought up in a culture where the primacy of the men was not questioned. They were married two months after Dating. Nicholas had to leave for shooting, he didn’t want to break up with your lover and take her with him could just as legitimate spouses.

      I was consciously looking for a woman not of their habitat, ” said the cage. Alice opened the East, which I fell in love as much as her. The wife’s family my name is on the Korean lad – San In Lo (“in-law” translated from Korean). Relatives Alice used to consider it my name.”

      Miss Kim is the lucky draw only for the first four and a half years of marriage. In 2009, Nicholas, Shopaholic-gigantomania buying palaces and yachts wholesale, problems began with money. Over the next two years demanded and very rich at the time of the wedding, Alice and the actor has sold almost all the property and collections, ruining the reputation shots in a second-rate films, fell into depression and started drinking.

      Alice patiently endured her husband on their fragile shoulders of pubs across the United States, while in April 2011, crazed with booze Nicolas attacked his wife on the street in New Orleans. It is for educational purposes enabled him to spend the night at the police station, but to press charges refused.

      In addition to drinking, depression and outbursts of anger Nicholas ‘ long-suffering Alice cared about that when all the debts under taxes and credits, he continued to spend money on different wonders from more dubious sources. In December last year, the actor had to return to Mongolia a Tyrannosaurus skull $276000, which was stolen. The cost to him, of course, no offset. It was easy to calculate that in such “safe” investments cage will leave a legacy to the sons, the eldest of whom, 25-year-old Weston, himself the father of two children, only debts. Apparently, Alice decided that the only way to ensure their future with Nicolas son to divorce his father and take away half of the remaining money before Nicholas let put Kal-El a part of the inheritance to the wind.

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