Марюс Вайсберг и Наталья Бардо стали родителями The happy couple first child was born. It happened in late may in America, where I currently live Marius and Natalia. According to the famous Director, the kid is very much like him. The stars for a long time concealed that expect the addition to your family.

      Марюс Вайсберг и Наталья Бардо стали родителями

      28-year-old actress and former participant of “House-2” Natalia Bardo for the first time became a mother. A young woman gave birth to a child 45-year-old Director Marius Weisberg the. The baby was born in the USA in late may. The boy was born healthy and strong. Happy parents who continue to hide the completion of the family continue to receive congratulations from family and friends.

      “The growth of the baby — 53 cm It is very similar to me. Marius Jr. is growing on me a replacement, girls Khan” — shared with “StarHit” Weisberg.

      Throughout the pregnancy she hid the fact that she is in an interesting position, posting Instagram photos in which she had distinctly rounded belly. The star and her partner prefer not to publicize his personal life. Due to the upcoming birth, the artist went this year on “a Kinotavr”.

      By the way, will soon be a wedding between the Director and the artist. In March, Natalia has published in his Instagram photo, which depicted a note to a luxury bouquet of flowers. On it was written: “to My beautiful bride.” Also in the picture you can see the ring on the ring finger Bardot, decorated the impressive size of the diamond. Seeing the publication of the artist, her friends, Maria Kozhevnikova, Ales Kacher, Linden Teterich congratulated the young woman with the engagement.

      Bride directed by Marius Weisberg chooses wedding dress

      Recall also that in the beginning of this year, Bardot moved to the US to your chosen. In interviews, the artist said are inspired by Los Angeles, similar to the city of her childhood dreams. The first time Natalia came to the set at the age of 14 years. This happened thanks to the help of girlfriends mom girls. Since then, Bardot began to dream about becoming an actress and be in movies. Interestingly, the first of Natalia studied at the economic faculty, but later realized that it was not her, and became a student of the famous Shchukin school.

      Marius Weisberg — Director of several popular films, including such films as “love in the big city,” “Hitler, kaput!”, “Rzhevskij against Napoleon.” In an interview with reporters Marius admitted that he is not against television career of their choice. Weisberg sees nothing unusual in the fact that Natalia was a participant of the popular project of TV channel TNT. Marius Weisberg does not condemn his beloved for participating in the “House-2”

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