Nick Gordon may avoid paying compensation to the families of Christine brown

Ник Гордон может избежать выплаты компенсации родным Кристины Браун

According to cousin nick Gordon, the husband of Bobbi Kristina brown, the only daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby brown, who is accused of his death, the young man is not going to pay the girl’s relatives $ 36 million. In September, the court decided that Nick needs to pay the above mentioned amount, as indirectly guilty of the death of the girl. Nevertheless, Gordon did not pay the money, and couldn’t do it if she wanted – the young man anywhere does not work and cannot even provide for themselves.

Logan Harris, nick’s brother, said that Gordon will soon declare themselves bankrupt, but a penny will not give because I did not commit.
“Nick wants to find a job to stabilize their financial situation, but it makes no sense because all his earnings will go to payment on the claim, he’s going to declare bankruptcy.
He used to go to the bar, could eat or drink anything, he is now in a deep depression, doesn’t go anywhere and wants nothing. Because of this suit it’s like he’s already in prison,” said cousin nick.
Recall that Christine found in the bathroom of his own home in January of last year. The girl showed no signs of life. It managed to revive, but out of the coma she never came out – he died six months later, never regaining consciousness.