Pregnant Irina Shayk stirs the imagination of men

Беременная Ирина Шейк будоражит фантазию мужчин Famous model starred in the erotic video. Irina Shayk appeared on video in an interesting position. The whole world is discussing that celebrity will soon give birth to her chosen Bradley Cooper firstborn.

      Беременная Ирина Шейк будоражит фантазию мужчин

      Before there talk about the fact that the famous model Irina Shayk is expecting a child from her beloved Bradley Cooper. The lingerie fashion show of Victoria’s Secret she had attracted all the attention of the public. Slightly rounded tummy celebrity has not gone unnoticed.

      Irina Shayk showed rounded belly

      Irina Shayk is considered one of the sexiest celebrities. She recently took part in shooting video for Love magazine, which appeared in a very seductive way. On model wearing beige underwear that accentuates the shape of Irene. Was also visible slightly rounded tummy Shake. The movie was very sensual and erotic.

      According to insiders, now the famous model is in the second trimester of pregnancy. For the 30-year-old Irina, the baby will be the first child, as well as for 41-year-old Bradley Cooper. The couple started Dating in April 2015 and dreamed about children. They live together in a luxurious mansion of the Hollywood actor in Los Angeles. Rumor has it that the couple even thinks about marriage, but about any details of the ceremony are not reported. According to rumors, the parents of the celebrities managed to meet the choices of their children, and were delighted with their choice.

      For a long time the couple tried to hide their relationship, but soon the paparazzi were able to declassify their whirlwind romance. After that, Irina and Bradley began to appear together at social events.

      Apparently, Irina Shayk is very proud of its forms and at every opportunity demonstrates the dignity of the figure, paying special attention to the neckline. Microblogging model is filled with half-naked shots in different angles in swimsuit, very revealing clothes.

      For five years the whole world admired the harmonious couple Irina Shayk and Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. However, in the beginning of last year they announced the breakup. The news shocked many fans of celebrities, who believed that Cristiano and Irina are literally made for each other. According to some information, the gap of young people occurred due to the cheating athlete. Cristiano Ronaldo confessed to relations with men