Ник Гордон и Бобби Браун помянули усопшую невесту и дочь

Bobbi Kristina brown, the only daughter of American singer Whitney Houston. was the same way and her father Bobby brown and his civilian husband, nick Gordon. On the day of his 24th birthday Chrissy, so called her family and friends, received congratulations, unfortunately, posthumous. Nick and Bobby paid tribute to his two favorite girls on their pages in Twitter.

Ник Гордон и Бобби Браун помянули усопшую невесту и дочь
Recall that in January 2015 the girl almost drowned in the bathroom of her home and six months later, never regaining consciousness, Christine went to his beloved mom in heaven.

“Today we celebrate your birthday, baby” — Bobby wrote on his page in the social network under the children’s photo of his daughter. Such images in this day he has published a lot, and all of them signed the same.
Nick Gordon just published Emoji angel and wrote “happy birthday”, all it was clear who was addressed greetings.
Recall that the family of Bobbi Kristina brown blames her death, her civil spouse. They believe that he gave her a toxic cocktail, which she lost consciousness. Trying to cover his tracks, he allegedly put her in the bathtub full of water, and faked suicide. So it or not – don’t tell anybody. Gordon argues that it is not true that investigators found no evidence of his guilt, but the court Nick lost, and now owes the family of Christine $ 36 million. But as the guy a penny with him and bribes smooth.