Relatives of George Michael’s demand to return his body for burial

Родственники Джорджа Майкла требуют вернуть его тело для похорон

Legendary musician George Michael for two months as was gathered to his fathers, and his body was never interred. Relatives of the deceased demand the return of the body of the deceased for burial. They have not so I wonder what kind of drugs George left this world, and the delay in the investigation and further examination seem to them blasphemous.

Ex-boyfriend George Kenny Goss stated that the toxicology report still continues, and everyone who was associated with Michael outraged by delays in the process. Relatives of the singer demanding the return of his body as quickly as possible, so they could bury him.
After many years of substance abuse, the death of the musician became a logical completion of his life, and no longer interested in the composition of the prohibited substances in his blood. Art dealer Goss flew from Texas to England to support his relatives Michael. She and George dated for 15 years before they separated in 2009. As a musician, Kenny has also abused drugs and alcohol but managed to pull myself together. With singer they continued to be friends despite the breakup. Goss begged a former lover to stop and start living again, but he didn’t find joy in anything except doping.
“I think his body just gave up. Over the years it just weakened. When we went, between us there was no animosity. It was a relationship full of love, but they have outlived their usefulness. I will always miss him, we all will.. I will definitely come to say goodbye to him. We all want the funeral was held quickly and that George found peace,” said Kenny.