Hackers stole bare photos of Kate moss

Хакеры похитили «голые» фото Кейт Мосс

And again, cybercriminals are declared itself. This time the victim, who lost a very candid shots from the personal archive became the supermodel Kate moss. The British mannequin is easily laid bare on the podium, however, there is a photo in which she wasn’t going to share with the public.

Talking about images made on the day of the wedding fashion photographers Terry Richardson and Mario Testino in 2011. They 43-year-old model and her former husband Jamie Hinz appeared completely naked. The Network they have not yet entered, probably looking for criminals, who would be more expensive to sell them.
According to the newspaper Metro.co.uk these pictures were Kate’s very expensive and she do not want such intimate memories in a photo became public.
“Kate goes crazy with anger. Even despite the fact that they are Gamy are not together, these photos still very important to her and very, very personal. They were to see just her and Jamie, and anyone from family or friends never showed” — said the insider.
How cybercriminals managed to steal pictures from your home computer models, remains a mystery.