Nicholas Basque went for the famous speaker Volodymyr Berezin

Николай Басков пошел на жертвы ради знаменитого диктора Владимира Березина The Golden voice of Russia took care about health of the man. Basque was worried that the man loses his voice and can’t work. He had to persevere, because Vladimir Berezina was uncomfortable to accept help.
Николай Басков пошел на жертвы ради знаменитого диктора Владимира Березина

This year the famous Soviet announcer Vladimir Berezin celebrates its anniversary – 60-letie. Leading is friends with many celebrities. Some artists believe that he had on their formation of a direct impact. Nikolay Baskov remembered that the epithet “Golden voice of Russia” is obliged to him. So once it was introduced by Berezin before the performance.

The actor said that was the beginning of their friendship. As it turned out, the Basques helped the animals to maintain health.

“We arrived in Yekaterinburg, and Vladimir was ill. He was cold, not very good health. I had the presidential Suite, I like the artist Dali, and he was warm. And the room in which he lived, he was less and was not heated, was cold. I remember saying: “Vladimir, perhaps you should go to my room, it will warm up”. From that moment began a friendship. Such cases break some kind of line between people, you do not feel the chain of command. We became close friends,” recalled the case of Nicholas.
Николай Басков пошел на жертвы ради знаменитого диктора Владимира Березина

Vladimir complements the story of the man, who did not focus on the important things. The speaker admitted that Basque is literally insisted to switch rooms in the hotel. Nicholas did not listen to his excuses and picked up the suitcases and moved them from one room to another. Berezin understand that could lose votes, and if not for the Basques, it is paid to health.

Valeria also believes that in the beginning of her career this speaker had influence on it. 20 years ago, the artist participated in a music competition. “In’ 87, the qualifying round of “Jurmala-87″. The selection of the regions. Concert broadcast on Moscow led Berezin. Blessed or something…” muses the singer.

Vladimir argues that still remembers not only was Valerie, but what she was wearing. The host tried to present the young contestant is so bright that it drew the attention of all the audience. Berezin noticed that the artist is a very kind eyes, which emit light.