Елена Кондулайнен снова уводит чужих мужчин The actress even admits that often starts a relationship at work. Outrageous lady always aroused the interest of the stronger sex. Elena, 59 years old, but even at this age, the actress easily seduces men. Kondulainen came to the Studio of the program “really” to confess in front of the audience.
Елена Кондулайнен снова уводит чужих мужчин

Star 90 Elena Kondulainen long time scitalis a sex symbol of Russian cinema. The actress frequently compared to Marilyn Monroe. Even now, when the artist is nearly 60 years it has attracted men of different ages.

22-year-old English teacher Daria Sosedova accuses Kondulainen that the actress took her beloved 41-year-old actor Oleg Kamenshchikova. The girl and Elena met in the Studio of the talk show “On the case” with Dmitry Shepelev, to sort things out.

Daria said in the program that calls Kondulainen Oleg at night. Ostensibly to discuss the working moments. Sosedov even hired a detective to follow her lover. The detective gave the girl the pictures, which the Masons Kondulainen and spend time together.

“The creative process, it takes place at night. For example, something in you is born, and you call your partner. We with Oleg flirting. He has success with women,” explained Elena, jumping from one topic to another.
Елена Кондулайнен снова уводит чужих мужчин

Expert Elena asked a direct question: did she have sex with Oleg? Kondulainen answered in the negative, however, the lie detector has denied these words: the intimate relationship between the actors really were.

Then the Studio came Oleg Masons. The man tried to justify himself in front of Daria. “The girl is mine almost right, she is my bride. Dasha, I’ll marry you! The time I spend with you, but with someone constantly texting. And not only with Lena. You know I’m a creative person. Owl, can work only at night,” said the Masons in the program, a little confused in the testimony.

However, experts and guests of the talk show did not believe the man. The polygraph also showed that the man was not going to marry Daria, in addition, he repeatedly cheated on her.

Елена Кондулайнен снова уводит чужих мужчин

Daria, in turn, admitted that texting in social networks with beloved Kondulainen Vadim Kupriyanov. They followed Elena and Oleg. “I wanted to know what was going on. Wanted to make sure that it is not true that Elena serves me right,” he justified Kupriyanov.

At the end of the program Kondulainen explained his behavior. The actress explained why she so often took strange men and do not want to start my own family.

“I am very afraid of a serious relationship. Fear that I was deceived and cast. I have no choice. Someday I will finish this profession, get married, to take me to the woods. I will come to this, but… Give me another sing me a song,” concluded the actress.