New video for the song Delicate: Taylor swift turned invisible and sat on the twine

Новый клип на песню Delicate: Тейлор Свифт стала невидимой и села на шпагат

Very often the stars say with listeners and viewers through his art. New video 28-year-old Taylor swift for the song Delicate speaks volumes, because in it the artist has become invisible. The song is included in her sixth Studio album, Reputation, which was released in November of last year.

Новый клип на песню Delicate: Тейлор Свифт стала невидимой и села на шпагат

In the clip, Taylor became the guest of the event, where he received a magical note. Soon the singer says that he sees himself in the mirror. Taylor realizes that he has become invisible, and this news of her not sad. In the video, the singer is even happy to stay in the shadows and not to be listening. To celebrate, she pulls the hem of her dress and takes off the hated high heel shoes to start dancing wherever possible. The artist danced in the pouring rain on the night streets of the city. At the end of the music video Taylor even sat on the twine!

The video was released only yesterday and has already gained 3 million hits, of which 400 thousand viewers praised the video. Unhappy there was only 12 thousand “This video is Taylor swift the most unique of all her music videos up to this time! He’s got a great story and the song itself is beautiful! Video should be in the top of the charts!!” writes one of the spectators in the comments under the video. Apparently, Taylor was able to impress all. Many noted that the actress is very open in the video and is not shy about his feelings.

Recall that Taylor has already moved on and will not please fans of melodic and peaceful country, because now she takes the driving pop. On a new role and the album “Reputation” which will be released on 10 November this year, has been a friend of the singer Selena Gomez who is very close with the new style of the performer.

“Obviously, I love her very much and want her to do what she’s doing and she is doing a great job. It’s everything you could want and more, and, of course, I’m her biggest fan.” according to Selena in an interview for Apple Music. “Honestly, it’s all very inspiring. It’s great when you are surrounded by people who simultaneously motivate and change so that they themselves begin to dictate the style — whether it’s music or acting — which they like. And she’s one of those who manage it so well.” continues Gomez.

Videos for Taylor, Look What You Made Me Do, you can understand that from former pretty girls have nothing left, because now the artist is not afraid to be naked and to perform the role of cyborg in his futuristic clip. Clearly, this subject she loved, and she will continue to practice it in their future work.

Новый клип на песню Delicate: Тейлор Свифт стала невидимой и села на шпагат