New shocking details of the scandal Anna Sedokova with her ex-husband

Новые шокирующие подробности скандала Анны Седоковой с бывшим мужем
Became aware of why in fact the ex-husband “took” the singer of the child.

First Time in First Class!! I can not believe that this beloved pups – the official schoolgirl!!)) ??????? (here they school a week earlier than we begin stealing all the fun from the last summer days)

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In social networks sparked a huge scandal: the woman who introduced grandmother of Maxim Chernyavsky and ex-husband of Anna Sedokova, has revealed unexpected details “carve” little Monica. Not long ago, the singer said that the family of the former husband is trying to deprive her of parental rights. Anna told me that Chernyavsky with her grandmother in a judicial order has established rigid rules for Dating her daughter: rare meeting took place only on US territory and only in the presence of the warden. Many fans could not understand the reasons why Maxim has decided to “take” from the child’s mother…

Новые шокирующие подробности скандала Анны Седоковой с бывшим мужем

Recently in his Maxim was reported that Sedokova not telling the whole truth. As it turned out, the scandal began with what Anna suggested shooting in the project “Around the world in the time of the decree” just before the start of training Monica school Los Angeles. The actress was set to it to daughter starred in a TV show with her, and Cherniavsky was against it and wanted the girl began to get an education. Fearing that Anna can take the girl out of America illegally and not allow it to enter the school, the family of Maxim demanded by the court below next to the girl was the jailer. In this case, Anne had allegedly been forbidden to meet with Monica, moreover, publications in social networks, it follows that she now can claim to raise my child “half and half” with Cherniavsky.

A month ago, Anna was asked to sign a settlement agreement. According to him she can spend time with my daughter without supervision in all countries that have signed the Hague Convention. While Sedokova will not sign a contract with Monica under an injunction not to leave Los Angeles with either the Pope or mother. Moreover, to publish her pictures were banned Sedokova, as she claimed earlier, but most Cherniavsky. Recently my daughter pair took a vacation, but because of a quarrel parents, she can’t spend it by the sea.

“I have a question to all who are deeply concerned for Monica. Why nobody asked Sedokova and show Anya the document where it says that this scoundrel Maxim wants to deprive you of parental rights. And make a screen from the court’s decision, why do you see the daughter in the presence of a representative of the court. But if tomorrow someone will write that you have run away from Durkee and now you hail strewn with filth as you? About this already a month my family is going through, writes in the Network user @chernyavskamarina. And now I have a question for Anne. Why is she still not signed the settlement agreement, which was received in early June? Monica from 15 June holidays and we wanted to improve the child of the sea. And here I am, “the old bitch” on the shore of the Mediterranean sea, rented a house, came the friends of Monica, and Monica’s mom has no time to sign or she do not care where it is such a favorite daughter?”

Sedokova these statements while ignoring. Cherniavsky also later removed the discussion of courtroom showdowns from your microblog, but users had “zaskrinit” recognition of the 73-year-old cousin Maxim.