Nikolai Baskov said that he knows the name of the “secret patron” Olga Buzova

Николай Басков заявил, что знает имя «тайного покровителя» Ольги Бузовой
Who is behind the success of the stars “House-2”?

Nikolay Baskov

Recently in the program “Hello, Andrew!” sounded explicit recognition of Nikolai Baskov about the personal life of Olga Buzova. On the set of star “House-2” admitted feelings for Philip Kirkorov, saying that between her and the “king of pop scene” not just friendship. “Judging by what we have going on lately, we’re more than friends…” — said Olga. What of the Basques, was also present in the Studio program, said he knows a man who doesn’t like such public recognition Buzova.

“I have a phone of a friend, he will be unhappy!” — Nikolay admitted. This was followed by the surprise of the question Kirkorov: “You know something, I don’t know?” Basque confidently replied, “of Course! I know about the relationship Oli better!” To disclose the identity of this “friend” Nicholas did not, creating for viewers intrigue. Olga tried to pretend he did not understand, talking about Nicholas and then “hushed up” the discussion on this topic.

In secular circles it has long been rumored that Olga promotes the career ladder a very powerful fan. After all, few celebrities have managed to achieve such success in such a short time. In just a year she became vocalist, performing on the main concert stages of the country and became a successful businesswoman. However, fans believe these assumptions are a manifestation of envy to the star of “House-2”, which says that everything in life had made themselves.

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