Новые фотографии Хью Джекмана привели в ужас его фанатов
Fans of the actor fear that he is seriously ill.

Hugh Jackman

Photo: @Instagram thehughjackman Hugh Jackman

The pictures Hugh Jackman posted on his page
in the social network, produced in all who saw them, not at all the impression on
which counted actor. Hugh looks at them are so skinny and old
this caused serious concern in the ranks of his fans.

In fact, Jackman just wanted to show off his
catch of the day – he captured the photo of the three of impressive size fish, which are caught
personally, fried, and set out to eat for dinner. Catch Hugh in the pictures
look great, what can not be said about the actor. It is impossible not
notice that Jackman lost a lot of weight. His cheeks, under eye “bags”,
and hair thinning…

But a few months ago, in April of this year,
when he was present at the premiere of the biographical drama “Eddie the eagle”, where he
played a major role, Hugh looked very different and it was impossible
to suspect that he has health problems. Now the pictures caused
a barrage of messages from his fans scared, suspecting that the actor is sick.

“What is it, Hugh? You suddenly began to look a lot
older. Please take care better of your health!” — wrote one
fans of the talent of the actor. “Are you all right? We are praying for you! We wish you that all you had
good!” other added.

And one of the fans who were so upset by the photo
47-year-old Jackman that just couldn’t believe that his idol actually looks
so it doesn’t matter. A fan of the actor have decided that Hugh somehow walks outside
the set in makeup. After all, Jackman is now starring in the third
the last movie about the mutant Wolverine. And in this movie he plays his favorite
hero is in the twilight of his days…

But really, the anxiety of the fans of the actor not
quite unreasonable. The fact that Jackman has already had four relapse
cancer — skin cancer. And although all operations were successful,
the doctors warned Hugh that he is immune from further exacerbations of the disease.

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