New leading “eagle and tails” was in the hospital

Новая ведущая «Орла и решки» попала в больницу

On Saturday 30 September, a new leadership program “heads and tails: Heaven and Hell,” Natalie Nevedrova on inter was taken to the hospital in Qatar after she was stung by a jellyfish.

Новая ведущая «Орла и решки» попала в больницу

The film crew of the TV show went to Qatar in the middle East, where they began shooting new episodes. A new host Natalie Nevedrova went swimming on the private beach where vacationers could swim in the open swimwear. During this, the girl was stung by a poisonous jellyfish. On the spot where it had stung the creature, redness. The General condition of the girl deteriorated significantly — he had fever and felt dizzy. The crew called coast guard station, who administered first aid. Soon Natalie was sent to the hospital, where she was helped by experts.

“Our crew got to the beach. Nothing boded trouble. We shot the footage, where I swim in the Bay, relax on the beach. But during one of my visits to the water, I got stung, as I understand it, most poisonous blue jellyfish. The bite immediately blushed, I felt a hellish pain. It felt like I cut myself. Already on the shore severely dizzy, clouded eyes and the guys from the crew urgently called rescuers, who gave first aid and called doctors” told Nevedrova about the incident.

Новая ведущая «Орла и решки» попала в больницу

Shooting to continue did not, in fact a leading needed urgent hospitalization. “On admission to hospital insisted the doctors now I’m still in the hospital, but I’m much better – soobshestva leading the program. – Still have sore feet, swelling does not subside”.

According to doctors of the medical institution, on the skin after the incident, appeared burns that destroyed epidermis cells. Causing a large swelling. Night at the girl’s temperature rose to 38.7 °C. on October 2 the girl was discharged from the hospital and the shooting continues.

August 27 marked the debut of the new leader who was confident that she will travel together with Regina Todorenko. “I wrote a message: “do Not want to participate? Record a video about your favorite place in your city.” Well, I wrote: told about the underground Parking in my building. It turned out funny. And most importantly — I sincerely believe that I will be leading. And that’s exactly what happened!” recalls Natalie. She was very glad that he was in command of the “eagle and tails”.

“When I’m asked what I felt when I found out that I have, I’ll ask the question in reverse. And offer to try to imagine for a moment that you called and said, “We fly out day after tomorrow. Do a second passport”. Shock! I worked with different prodakshenom, but the people who work in the show “heads and tails”, I fell in love with from the first day we met.”