Daughter Lyubov Uspenskaya goes from mother to America

Дочь Любови Успенской уезжает от матери в Америку

Performer of Russian chanson Lyubov Uspenskaya left alone, because her daughter Tatiana decided to build a career in America. She has not seen his daughter for a month, and all because, “Tatiana went to Los Angeles to record in the Studio.

Дочь Любови Успенской уезжает от матери в Америку

Star mom decided not to meddle in the fate of his daughter and not to give advice. “She was offered to work there, to sing in English. The daughter of a very good voice, so she agreed. I told her do not give advice. Help only if she asks. And itself do not climb!” tells of the assumption.

Besides singing, the girl really enjoys painting, and even came up with their business. She painted denim jacket with paints, then sold their star colleagues mother. One such product Tatiana could receive from 15 to 30 thousand rubles. With him to America she took up art supplies, to engage in Hobbies outside the home.

“She put the whole showbiz: many girls go in her jackets – praise of the assumption of the achievements of her daughter. – Now, perhaps, it draws less, I don’t know. Haven’t seen my daughter in over a month. And talk on the phone very rarely. I know Tatiana: if it hasn’t, then she’s fine, she’s busy. And if it rings often, so need to worry. She’s not made up, just have a lot of free time.”

Дочь Любови Успенской уезжает от матери в Америку

While her daughter is doing great, Love survived the shock. Her pet Yorkshire Terrier Frankie Junior — was in the hospital with a broken foot. He was fooling around on the bed and fell from it. “Landed badly on the floor and broke his leg. I’m terribly worried, because he is my angel. When he’s near me, I fear nothing. I feel that I was guarding some kind of angel. In General, now it is gradually getting better.” says the Queen of chanson.

Due to the experience of fear, the assumption has decided to play it safe and thinking about how that would hire a special person who will monitor the dog. In the state of the performer a large number of employees. The assumption recognizes that its employees put forward strict requirements that they must flawlessly execute. “Frankly, she could be a housekeeper. — recognized Love. “Sometimes thinking about to open an Agency that would put the staff in the houses of wealthy people. I, like anyone else, can learn to iron, cook, clean. Over time my employees I have become real aces. Although come after the course with the ruble, but do not know how. I have to start from scratch! They are taught to cook. I myself, if I have time, I love to stand at the stove. My family know: better to prepare than is the coolest chef. Serves everything but Breakfast in bed: in our family it is not opened. Usually eat at the table, because in bed you need to deal with other things.”