Новый образ Анны Шульгиной раскритиковали в Сети Extravagant attire and a short haircut singer made a lot of noise. Anna Shulgina, appeared in public in a dress, which we could easily see the lack of underwear, provoked the whole discussion. Looking at the pictures of the daughter of the singer Valeria, some find that this style makes Anna over, others come to a complete delight, believing that she is incredibly good in any way.

      Новый образ Анны Шульгиной раскритиковали в Сети

      The daughter of the famous singer Valeria and aspiring singer Anna Shulgina, as it turned out, not afraid of bold experiments with style. That the heir to the stars – the girl is daring and not priemlemaya conventions first were able to see present at the award ceremony MUZ-TV in 2016 fans of the popular Patriotic music, well, then the subscribers microblog Anna Shulgina. To appear on the prestigious social event of the 22-year-old rising star of show business, chose a very bold look. From the long blond curls Anna went to a short Bob, which have left no trace of its romantic veil, turning into a real vamp. The basis of the same aggressive image was extravagant dress, beauty in black, with a plunging neckline, leave no doubt that Anne no underwear. Courage was given along the slit starting from the waist and belted.

      “I felt like a Queen going on the red carpet Muz, – shared his emotions Anna Shulgin in the microblog. – I was cool!”

      However, not all followers of Anna was in agreement with her assessment. Many thought he was not very successful and added to the singer a couple of decades. “Anya, that bow makes you look older than you really are. Go back to the old way”, “Quite spoiled”, “long hair much better, and so lost individuality”. Went to the dress of the singer, the fans found it inappropriate and even vulgar.

      Новый образ Анны Шульгиной раскритиковали в Сети

      However, loyal fans have Shulgina still more than willing to criticize her. They said that the girl was irresistible in any outfit and called her the goddess of beauty. “Bomb!”, “Chic and Shine”, “Anya, don’t listen to anyone! You’re gorgeous now. Very cool with the hair,” the followers admire the singer. In addition, they noted that the new Anna is incredibly similar to his famous mother Valeria.

      We will remind, that Anna Shulgin has repeatedly demonstrated a hunger for change in appearance. At the end of last year, for example, she painted the ends of your hair pink. According to most Shulgina, a bold decision was a surprise for all the family young lady. And this spring added to his blond locks a few bright blue, immediately after receiving from fans several options funny nicknames in connection with the new hair colors.

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