Галина Ржаксенская назвала имя следующего героя «Холостяка» The finalist of the third season of the program was shared on social networks, whom she would like to see in the popular show. Subscribers Rzhaksinsky her choice was not approved, say, candidate Galina still too young. Instead, they suggested other celebrities.

      Галина Ржаксенская назвала имя следующего героя «Холостяка»

      After the end of the fourth season of TNT “Hastak”, many have begun to wonder who will be the new protagonist of the project and will choose a mate. The finalist of the third season of transmission Galina Rzhaksinsky’m sure one of the best candidates for the role of the bachelor can be a 21-year-old singer Yegor Krid collaborating with the label Black Star. Moreover, that first album is just called “the Bachelor.”

      Why Alexei Vorobyov did not choose on the Bachelor

      “Well, again, the casting for “the Bachelor.” Well, who want to see the suitors? I’m here for Yegor creed. No wonder he named the album so. What do you think?” — wrote in his microblog Rzhaksinsky.
      Галина Ржаксенская назвала имя следующего героя «Холостяка»

      Subscribers stars of the popular TV show disagreed with her nomination. According to many, the creed is still too young to seriously think about a serious relationship and marriage. “He has not done that already”, “Too young,” “Before,” “to Participate in the project must be the man for 30” — they wrote.

      Fans Rzhaksinsky also started to offer their own versions of the bachelors who, in their opinion, could act in gear: “Let’s Ruslana White”, “Kozlowski, Chadova, Nagiyev”, “would Like to see Lazareva, “Let Bilan go, it is time for him”, “T-killah”, “Alexander Sokolovsky,” “Emin, he’s divorced”. Some spoke on the topic that would like to see in the TV not only representatives of show business. “I think it definitely needs to be an actor and not a singer, I am for any athlete or businessman for 30” — says one of podeschi Galina.

      Галина Ржаксенская назвала имя следующего героя «Холостяка»

      We will remind that Galina Rzhaksinsky became a finalist of the third season of “the Bachelor.” Throughout the transfer of 29-year-old resident of Moscow fought for the heart of resident Comedy Club Timur Batrutdinova. However, eventually defeated Daria Kanawha, which became the darling of the stars. The relationship of the native of Tatarstan and Batrutdinova lasted less than a year. According to Kaneohe, Timur failed to create a strong couple.

      Galina Rzhaksinsky: “We and Batrutdinova could not understand the relations

      Galina Rzhaksinsky — owner of elite beauty, the graduate of Financial Academy. In the interview, the woman said that she had a high bar in relation to the chosen dream. According to Galina, to find a real man is very difficult. After the end of the program, which Batrutdinov chose her Kananoja, Rzhaksinsky admitted that she was unpleasant and painful, but so, so meant to be.

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